BCHM stands in solidarity with the movement to end police brutality, social injustice and inequality. #BlackLivesMatter

BCH lawyers believe that we, as a profession, should be held to the highest standards of quality and ethics. We are not afraid to champion the cause of clients who have fallen victim to unethical or negligent lawyers. We tried to verdict a malpractice / breach of fiduciary duty case against a pharmacist’s former lawyers, who had conspired against him to extract a large “bonus” that he had never agreed to. We obtained a $15 million verdict against an outdoor advertising company’s former lawyers on breach of fiduciary duty and other claims. We obtained a verdict of $11.2 million against a client’s former tax lawyer and accountant, also for breaches of fiduciary duties and fraud. We sued, and obtained a favorable settlement, against a prominent law firm for professional errors in a patent case. We successfully sued a medical group’s former attorney and CEO for breaches of contract and breaches of fiduciary duty. 

We have also litigated against other professionals – accountants, financial advisors, and even the City of Los Angeles when our client suffered serious injuries at the hands of police officers. We have also defended professional clients against malpractice claims.