Located as we are in Los Angeles, Baute Crochetiere Hartley & Velkei LLP has represented the full spectrum of clients in the field of entertainment, including Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sega Gameworks LLC, and Columbia Pictures, Inc. In addition to major studios, the attorneys at Baute Crochetiere Hartley & Velkei LLP have represented writers, actors, independent producers, and film financiers in “David v. Goliath” cases against major players in the entertainment industry.

With years of experience handling entertainment matters, our lawyers have a full appreciation of the collateral impact the media can have on a client or a project. The firm has worked with publicists and public relations executives on such cases, understanding that a comprehensive litigation strategy must take into account the full range of “outside the courtroom” concerns.

To learn more about how Baute Crochetiere Hartley & Velkei LLP can assist you with an entertainment litigation matter, contact Mark D. Baute.