Appeals and Writs

Appellate work requires that a lawyer have a unique set of lawyering skills, and Baute Crochetiere Hartley & Velkei LLP has an active, stand-alone, appellate practice. We have been retained by Top 20 Los Angeles law firms to handle appeals for them, a recognition of the creativity and persuasiveness of our legal writing.

Our lawyers have represented clients before the Federal and Ninth Circuits, the United States Supreme Court, and at all levels of the state appeals process. In addition to appeals from final decisions, Baute Crochetiere Hartley & Velkei LLP lawyers have filed writs of mandamus, supersedeas, and certiorari.

To learn more about how Baute Crochetiere Hartley & Velkei LLP’s lawyers can assist you with an appeal or writ proceeding, contact David P. Crochetiere.