Unanimous defense verdict in federal court for major outdoor advertising company against racketeering and antitrust claims

Bulletin Displays, Inc. v. Regency Outdoor Advertising: This was a four week jury trial involving claims against BCH’s client, Regency Outdoor Advertising, for alleged racketeering and antitrust violations. Mr. Baute and Mr. Crochetiere tried the case for the defendant. Unique challenges to defending this case included an FBI agent testifying against our client, as well as adverse testimony from the former mayor of the City of Lynwood and our client’s former lobbyist, both of whom had been convicted of felonies and were compelled to testify against our client. The plaintiff sought $60,000,000 in damages. After the unanimous verdict in favor of our client, a juror wrote an unsolicited letter to the federal judge stating that she wanted to vote for the plaintiff but that defense counsel’s closing argument was so forceful and persuasive that a “block of five jurors” would not vote for the plaintiff and were able to convince the other three jurors to vote for the defendant. (Opposing counsel: Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP)