Representing celebrity sued for breach of endorsement contract in Southern District of New York, won summary judgment on fraud claims, limiting plaintiff to one-day trial. (Raymond Weil, Inc. v. Charlize Theron)

Raymond Weil, Inc. v. Charlize Theron: Mr. Baute represented Charlize Theron in a breach of contract and fraud action involving an inadvertent breach of an exclusive endorsement contract for Raymond Weil watches. Obtained summary judgment on the fraud claim in the Southern District of New York. Locked Raymond Weil’s CEO and Chairman of the Board into admissions on cross examination that there were no monetary damages. Thus, the case no longer had monetary value despite an undisputed (albeit unintentional) breach of the contract. The trial judge gutted the plaintiff’s claims in a 32-page summary judgment ruling, limiting the plaintiff to a one day trial presentation and recognizing that the plaintiff’s damages may only be nominal.