$2 million jury verdict for business manager of celebrity after two-week jury trial. (Howard Entertainment, Inc. v. Lisa Kudrow)

Howard Entertainment, Inc. v. Lisa Kudrow: This was a two-week jury trial, in which Mr. Baute and Mr. Crochetiere represented the plaintiff, Scott Howard, who alleged that Lisa Kudrow breached an oral contract to pay him 10% of her allocated share of the syndication revenue from the sitcom “Friends.” The case had been litigated for four years prior to BCH taking over shortly before trial. Expert witnesses were retained on the eve of trial. The jury returned a $2 million verdict against Ms. Kudrow. ABC News broadcast Ms. Kudrow’s cross-examination. Experts on both sides opined on the central issue of whether a 10% oral commission agreement was enforceable after a termination of a business manager’s services, with respect to syndication revenues arising both before and after the termination of services.