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Jurisdictions In Which Our Attorneys Are Licensed To Practice 

BCH’s offices are located in Los Angeles, California. The jurisdictions in which our attorneys are licensed to practice are listed on each attorney’s profile page. When appropriate, we team with lawyers licensed to practice in other states, and/or are admitted pro hac vice for specific matters where we are not members of the local bar. 

Disclaimer On Contract Formation 

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Statute Of Limitations Notice 

Legal claims are subject to statutes of limitations that set time limits for commencing a lawsuit. The statute of limitations may severely limit the time remaining for you to file a lawsuit. Your reading or viewing this website, sending an email to a BCH lawyer, and/or submitting information to BCH concerning your legal issue does not create an obligation for BCH to represent you or to advise you concerning potential statutes of limitations that might apply to you. You should consult a lawyer, and you should not rely on any information on this website, to determine the statute of limitations that may apply to your legal issue(s). 

Attorney Advertisement 

Some jurisdictions may treat this web site as advertising. Your choice of a lawyer, or your choice not to retain counsel, are extremely important decisions and should not be based solely upon advertisements or self-proclaimed expertise. BCH makes no representation concerning the quality of BCH’s legal services compared to the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers. Statements herein concerning BCH lawyers’ expertise, experience, knowledge, or skills are not intended to, and do not, constitute representations that they are certified specialists in any area of the law. This website is not an advertisement, solicitation, or offer to represent any person or organization in any jurisdiction where the website would be deemed to violate any law or ethical rule. BCH does not solicit clients via this website, which is for informational purposes only.

No Guarantees Of Case Results

The results obtained on any legal matter depend on many factors, including the specific facts of the case and nuances of the law. No attorney can guarantee a positive result in any particular case. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome on any other case. 

Notice On Contingent Fees 

BCH uses a variety of payment methods, including traditional hourly billing, contingent fee representation, and “hybrid” arrangements that may combine features of hourly and contingent fee billing. Although a contingent fee client normally will not be charged any fee in a pure contingency fee arrangement unless a recovery is obtained, the client may still be responsible for certain costs. If you are represented by BCH, the financial arrangement will be specified in the retention agreement.

Designated Principal Attorney With Responsibility for Web Site 

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