Mary Wilson v. RSM Management: Defended Lanham Act and state law claims brought by former Supreme Mary Wilson, against a Supremes tribute group

Ferguson Safety Products v. Bob Barker Company: Prosecuted unfair competition and false advertising claims arising out of the manufacture and sale of “knock-off” versions of textile products.

Elizabeth Taylor v. NBC: Defended lawsuit by celebrity seeking a prior restraint on broadcast of biographical miniseries on network television.

Morgan Creek Productions v. Capital Cities/ABC: Handled all aspects of Lanham Act and copyright infringement action including overseeing national consumer confusion survey, designing disclaimer and analysis of graphics, title and slogan infringement.

Arner v. The Sharper Image: Prosecuted infringement of design patent and trade dress of consumer product.

Orion Pictures v. Data East: Prosecuted infringement of ROBOCOP trademark in consumer computer games.

Nintendo of America v. Wu: Prosecuted production and distribution of counterfeit video games.

Lakeshore Curriculum Materials Company v. Friday’s Products: Prosecuted infringement of trade dress and trademark in catalog sales of educational toys.

People v. O.J. Simpson: Represented American Civil Liberties Union in urging press and public access to sealed transcripts of proceedings.

Orkin v. Morgan Creek Productions: Defended lawsuit for defamation and breach of product placement contract in connection with motion picture “Pacific Heights.”

Credit Lyonnais Bank Nederland v. TWE Productions: Prosecution of action for fraud and embezzlement in connection with independent motion picture production company.

Hughes v. Yamamoto: Defense of a sexual harassment and race discrimination claim against a small business owner.

White v. Banerjee: Prosecution of a fraudulent conveyance action involving a murder-for-hire plot and the sale of the assets of Chippendales.

Reiff v. Kearny Mesa Toyota: Prosecuted disability discrimination claim on behalf of employee.